Good Type End User License Agreement

Version 3.8  2022

This is an agreement between you, the purchaser and licensee, and Good Type Foundry. By purchasing and installing or otherwise handling the digital typeface software (hereafter Fonts), you accept the terms of this agreement. If you do not accept the terms, you can not download or request or use any Good Type Foundry Fonts.

You are granted one (1) license to use the Fonts on a certain number of devices within your organisation. You are not receiving the ownership of the copyright to the design or any other part of the Fonts, but the rights to use the Fonts as specified in this agreement.

“Within your organisation” means usage inside your company or organisation, and shall not include usage by clients or other third parties (except from your sub-contractors, if a Sub License is acquired). This license allows you to use the Fonts on the number of computers within your organisation matching the Desktop License size purchased, and/or the website views per month matching the Web License size purchased.

You can make archival copies of the Fonts for your own purposes, counting additionally to the amount of devices you licensed the Fonts for. You shall not distribute the Fonts to people outside of your organisation, unless you have purchased a suitable Sub License. A Sub License allows you to share the Fonts with sub contractors for use within projects related to your company only.

You may not modify the Fonts in any way. You may not commission a third party to modify the Fonts. It is prohibited to rename the Fonts in any way. We do offer full customisation service to all of our Fonts, from just a few glyphs to whole families. Please contact us with your request and we will send you a price quote for the job.

You are granted with a perpetual license to use the Fonts worldwide in all media as part of any design, texts and marketing activity (including but not limited to, printed materials, logos, websites, marketing materials, TV broadcast, event etc.). You may not distribute, lend, rent, sell, give away, publicly or privately share any modified or unmodified version of the Fonts.

It is prohibited to use the Fonts in any context promoting non renewable resources and/or actively working against nature conservation and the wellbeing of our planet and future generations. It is prohibited to use the Fonts in any racist, homophobic, sexist or in general discriminating and hateful context. If you purchase a license for a project for any of the fields stated in this paragraph, you are not allowed to use the Fonts, and you are not receiving a refund.

If you do experience any difficulties with our Fonts, we will look into the problem and hopefully send you a fixed version immediately. Without derogating from the above, we do not guarantee that the Font files work perfectly on every platform, operating system etc.

Any usage of the Fonts are on your own risk. Good Type Foundry is not responsible for any legal issues that may occur with your usage of the Fonts.

All purchases are final. However, if you have purchased the wrong weight/style of a Font, please get in touch for a possible exchange.Exclusive licenses may be purchased with custom/customised Fonts.

Exclusive licenses means that Good Type Foundry can not use or sell the custom Fonts in the license period. Good Type Foundry may however use the Font files for promotion and portfolio based materials. Exclusive licenses may be renewed by end of the license period. If license is not renewed, Good Type Foundry may use or sell the Fonts as suited. Without an Exclusive License, Good Type Foundry may use or sell the Fonts as suited. Exclusive licenses for customised Fonts only applies to the characters that are customised. The customised characters may look similar to the original Font, but will not, if overlapped, share the exact same outline. If a custom/customised Font becomes unused for a period of 2 years, any exclusive license becomes obsolete.

Any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement may terminate your license to use the Fonts. If you fail to cure the breach within thirty (30) days, the agreement will be terminated. After any termination of the agreement, within a reasonable time, you must destroy any copies of the Fonts, including your archival copies.

All Fonts created by Good Type Foundry, both for retail and commission, original or customised, is property of Good Type Foundry. This includes customised and/or custom characters and letters in both installable Font files as well as outlined artwork.

Any and all rights reserved Good Type Foundry.